Happy New Year!

We're so excited to see what 2019 has in store, and so grateful for your support since launching "not just pasta sauce" the first in a line of multi-purpose modern pantry staples from Pocket Garden Foods.



Co-founders Catherine Smart & Jacqueline Grady Smith

A note from Catherine 

The Pocket Garden started as a Somerville-based personal chef business way back in 2008. I was working my way through Boston University's Master's in Gastronomy Program, waiting tables, writing and food styling for the Boston Globe, and cooking at Formaggio Kitchen, while gradually building a client base of families looking to eat better at home.  I still cook for some of those families today —  including the one who inspired our flagship product, not just pasta sauce.


10 veggies. 0 junk. 100+ ways to use it.
Because this family has a farm-share, each week (in our short-lived New England growing season) I was facing a big, beautiful box of fresh produce, and scheming ways to cook with it that would satisfy the whole family, including their two young daughters.

I started by making a vegetable-packed sauce for spaghetti and meatballs, and soon realized it was also the perfect chili starter, enchilada sauce, base for shakshuka, simmer sauce for braises...with a few fresh herbs or spices from the pantry, I discovered the possibilities for this simple, wholesome sauce are endless.

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From stovetop to shelf-stable.

When I finally felt ready to get the good stuff in a jar, the real fun began.  The first order of business was finding the perfect partner — someone smart, steady and fun.

Enter Jacqueline: A lifelong home-cook with over a decade of experience in food and nutrition — plus strategy and operations.  She is a planner and doer, undeterred by my often erratic and overwhelming bursts of creativity (culinary, and otherwise).

The following months have been busy with late nights, early mornings and weekends spent on sauce: Recipe testing and scaling; samples sent to the food science lab at University of Nebraska; the 6 month search for a co-packer; conjuring hours and dollars out of thin air for branding, and packaging, and jars. Thank goodness for coffee, supportive partners, and our kids who are (mostly) content to be along for the ride. 

A new year, new goals.

We are thrilled to finally have the first run of sauce in hand.  Armed with heartening commitments from local retailers, and the incredibly humbling support we've received from all of you — in the form of orders, and social media shares, and inquiries — we are bursting to take on the next set of challenges.

We hope you'll try the sauce — poured over pasta, in one of the recipes on our site, or in some creation of your own.  And if you like it, please do tell your friends.  We can't tell you how much it means to have not just pasta sauce lovers spreading the word one meal at a time. Thank you for a great start. 2019, we are so ready for you.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and delicious New Year.

Catherine & Jacqueline